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Welcome! My name is Debbie DuBois.

Thank you very much for checking out my blog. I am an intuitive, Source/God connected wayshower who has been sharing information on awakening, ascension, creative expression, geopolitical shifting and sacred relationships for the last 12-15 years. I have started and acted as admin for many social media channels and had several of my own YouTube channels, some of which were terminated when censoring became popular on the big platforms. You can still find my YouTube channel, True Sacred Union, if you search for it, but I can no longer update it because I no longer have access since that “censorship move”.

This last year has shown me more than ever that I must find ways to continue to expressing myself! Among other things, I decided to start this blog because of an urge to begin writing again from High Self / Source connection. Recently, I began to rummage through old articles, blog posts and Source Transmissions that are still relevant and even more important today than they were when they were originally posted. And, now I am being prepared to begin to bring forth more new transmissions about events and future potentials that are likely coming, as well downloads for publishing which may provide higher insights to help those who find themselves attracted to this information. This fresh new blog seemed like the right place to pull everything together!

The general platform of What on NEW Earth is intended to offer hope and encouragement in this sometimes very challenging process of awakening to one’s Authentic Being, along with all the skills, talents and abilities that go along with it! Anything that I personal create or collaborate on with others is extended to you with the highest intentions for the collective good. But like anything else, please take what resonates and leave the rest behind!

In addition to blog articles, in the upper right hand corner of this Blog, you will find ways our social media channels, which can help to connect you with other like-minded people ~ either on our Facebook Group or in our newly forming Telegram channel and chat group. The Youtube channel will begin publishing new content of audio/visual information if you prefer to receive information in that format!

For all links relating to What on New Earth, you can go here to this link: https://linktr.ee/whatonnewearth

or here is the QR Code to that page:

Scan this QR Code with your phone’s camera to get the URL to all things What on New Earth!

As we embody more and more our Authentic Beings, we will become better able to collectively focus our energies on what we want to create for New Earth. So, in essence, New Earth is being created here and now by those of us who focus our attention on envisioning our future here on Mother Gaia.

Active participation in this process is very much needed here on Mother Gaia at this time as we observe the old structures dissolving.

What will replace it? The New Earth that we are creating together. Join me in that collective endeavor won’t you?

Much Love,

Debbie DuBois

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