Prophetic YouTube Reading from April 2018

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Prophetic YouTube Reading from April 2018

I never expected to be reposting this video. But certain data points led me to see this video again, and I am shocked how this video describes exactly where I feel we are today energetically. Now, do I think nothing has changed since I published this video? Absolutely not! I cannot believe how much has happened since it came out in April, 2018. However, there are now new details I wish to share for anyone who is interested!

Most recently for anyone following my content, you will have heard me talk about how I’m really tuned into Athena (Human Witness on YouTube), as well as Lisa Harrison (Lisa M. Harrison on YouTube) and her husband, Darius J. Wright. I highly encourage anyone who resonates with my materials to go check them all out. You can find their information on almost all my recent videos on my What On New Earth? YouTube Channel.

My path led me to their Event information at the end of 2022. And, it was BECAUSE they are talking about the Event, and I have always resonated with this concept that I took close notice. I had watched a lot of Lisa Harrison interviews back in the day (way before 2012), but her information started coming from HOME (the other side of this Nightmare Circus) back in 2016-2017 I think.

Well, having done a bunch of binge watching of Athena’s videos and also Lisa’s videos (I watched all her videos on Vimeo about her actual contact by COMPUTER from HOME) which were amazing! Something Lisa said in one of her videos really stuck with me. She said that we were supposed to “leave the game” in 2012, but no one was ready, so they moved us to a “new space” or hard drive if you will for us to have some more time. That the next time was 2016 we were supposed to leave but it appears we had to go through a bunch of stuff…gee I wonder what THAT was?? So the game continued but in a sense we needed to return back to 2016 in order to have the EVENT. I know that sounds strange, but I understood what she was saying.

Athena said as well that “HOME” or “the Ancients” who created this game, stopped time at the end of 2022 for a period of two years so that we can all play out our individual timelines that were supposed to happen before all the fuckery — or major interference — happened with Covid, etc. And that meant we are being stopped from creating new events at all. Just playing out timelines like scripts that we had written for ourselves and had not been able to happen.

But what Lisa was seeing is that we are traveling back in time and guess where we are right now? 2018! So anyway, I was looking at my old True Sacred Union channel for some reason and saw this reading titled the Event that I did way back in April 2018 — 5 years ago. If we are indeed back in 2018, then it sure explains my video. Because even though what I said was true then, we are also at the same space again almost exactly FIVE YEARS LATER.

The only difference is, we have been through SO much more than I ever realized we would be. The video series I published (5 videos on YouTube) just recently, deals with a lot of interim period of time and how it affect me and many other Light Beings. It thought it was incredibly fortuitous to see that we are so very very close to this game ending. Not the game of the Universe, however, the end of the game of duality in this Universe.

So I wanted to share this reading with you. I feel like I’m listening to somebody else talking about RIGHT NOW and what we are going through as a Collective of Awakening creator beings. I hope you enjoy this!

And, please! Onward and Upward. I’m ready for new adventures into FREEDOM where we are not limited in any way and where we can experience a Universe where true creation is at play. Who is with me?

Spiritual mentor and wayshower for the awakening process, Debbie has been teaching and learning during the significant ascension transformation that is taking place on our planet during these times. Offering words of encouragement and guidance, she strives to share higher perspectives that she has personally experienced and/or downloaded to help accelerate people's journey into wholeness. Her greatest mission at this time is helping people rediscover their inner authentic being and spark people's remembrance of why they are here as we are poised to enter a whole New Earth realm where creative expression is our destiny!

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