November 2021 ~ Manifesting our NEW Spiritual Story

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November 2021 ~ Manifesting our NEW Spiritual Story

To get a really good handle on just how significant this month of November 2021 is, let’s looks back at prior months that shows the build up to how we got here. And, this brief span of time that we are about to go through is the crescendo to shifts and changes that many of us call “The Awakening,” an awakening that most of us consciously began intensely in 2012.

Neptune in Pisces

Our year 2012 was the beginning of the end to the Deep Sleep that had befallen planet Earth going back as far as Atlantis and, possibly even, Lemuria. Interestingly, in 2012 the planet Neptune moved into back into its home sign of Pisces, which took about 165 years to accomplish. The last time Neptune made an appearance in Pisces was shortly before the United States’ Civil War. The polarization we have seen on the world stage seems a bit more comprehensible now given this astrological transit, doesn’t it?

So, let’s look at how that that astrological transit of Neptune in Pisces has progressed during this year through November 2021. Specifically in mid-February (17th to be exact), Neptune had made its way through Pisces to the higher degrees of the sign, which deals with future. That is when we began to separate from an old spiritual story we have been living. And it set the stage for us to make changes in the core of our spiritual beings at that very juncture.

At the time, we became consciously aware of something inside of us that was urgently calling for change. And, we made the decision to make that definitive internal spiritual shift right then and there! (Suggestion: Go back and look at old messages and chat threads to discover what your decided change was!) Whatever spiritual change we set out to make was likely an issue that has been a core spiritual issue for lifetimes! It could have even been from our history going back as far as the time of Atlantis or Lemuria. Regardless, we knew it was time for change and set out on a new course!

October Astrological Review

The astrology then lined up perfectly to deliver everything we needed over the last eight months to get us to the point we found ourselves during the month of October. October was a month where we spent a good bit of time working on wrapping up our old spiritual story, specifically as it relates to our internal boundaries. We may have begun to recognize the difference between internal and external boundaries, and that while we felt we were getting good at putting up external boundaries with others (giving us a modicum of more control over our lives), certain people or situations were still running right over those boundaries. This made it extremely hard to trust ourselves.

In October, we were asked to work with our own internal boundaries which sometimes involved keeping things from getting to us. And, other times, we needed to let go of boundaries we had place to protect us from things we feared or old decisions we made by resisting what could have been beneficial for us. Our feelings and our beliefs about ourselves began to change because of these internal boundaries. Then, as the Sun entered Scorpio, Pluto began to insist we draw distinct boundaries on things that are not in our highest good. Sorting out these internal boundaries would ensure that we could finally learn greater levels of self-trust. After all, moving into higher vibrational spiritual stories is not possible without each of us trusting ourselves.

November 2021 Astrological Implications

And, this brings us to November 2021, which will hold some very similar vibrations to November of 2020 according to Christopher Witecki, Sensei, Astrologer, and founder of Sirius Joy. He calls this a “November to Remember Part 2.” And I want to credit Christopher with a lot of the information that I am covering in this article as he has really mapped out this entire symphony in detail on his platform, Sirius Joy.

I highly encourage you to Google Christopher and his platform if you are seeking daily support walking this very detailed astrological path. I have been walking this daily spiritual path for the past month and awakening to incredible insights. Quite healing, I assure you!

So, this “November to Remember Part 2” echoes 2020 in that at that time we had a global power struggle over politics, a virus, industry, government, distribution and more. Now we have moved from a global level of power struggle to the individual level of power struggle. November 2021 (into December) is all about power changing hands. This period, however, will be about a change in internal vibrational frequency that causes a power change within Self. That starts at the individual level where we become empowered within ourselves and know what we don’t want, and then start to manifest change on the global level.

In other words, this transit has all been about a raising in vibrational frequency that came about essentially because the global level didn’t deliver all we had hoped in November 2021. In fact, most of us at this point have no idea what the bleep is going on globally! 

So, what do we do when we can’t make heads or tails of the external world? We focus on the inner world. Seems a bit easier, no? And when we work on our inner realm, we raise our vibrations. As we raise our vibrations, we help raise the collective. And once we raise the collection, the result will be to see the change in power at the external and global levels.

If you’ve noticed, the power struggle on the outer and global level has been unable to resolve itself. The very reason that it has been “on hold” was God/Source giving everyone the opportunity to make their own internal boundary decisions and consciously or unconsciously those boundary decisions have been made.

Over the course of 2021, some people doubled down on their old stories and refuse to change while others had no choice but to focus on new stories through growing awakening. Either way, nothing could change at the external or global level until this happened, which pretty much took place by the end of October. According to Christopher, however, (and I agree) the point of the whole transit was to make the CHANGE to a new story. If one didn’t make the change (or opted for doubling down to remain in the same spiritual story), times are going to get very rough. That is because those who chose new stories of higher vibrational frequencies are taking back their power and making new decisions that are going to change the old ways. Those who didn’t want to change are going to have to get with the new program as New Earth begins to manifest from those higher frequencies.

The Separation of Worlds

This process will cause a new type of separation. Some call it the “separation of worlds,” but I like to think of it as a separation of vibration, where like attracts like. Finally, we will be drawn physically to those who resonate with our vibrations. And daily life will change as those who have opted for new spiritual stories will literally walk away from their old lives. They will no longer be able to tolerate the old energies and will leave people or situation that are stuck in the old program. This will force the stuck ones to deal with their choices without crutches.

All the while, the “old guard” will still be trying to label division in the old terms. However, the truth is that the separation will be caused by vibrations. People will no longer be able to be where they do not resonate because they don’t belong there and belonging will become even more important to people than ever before because belonging makes people happy! And, people want to belong somewhere, so we will reorganize ourselves, leading to what could be called the “separation of worlds.” During this time, we will be witnessing the playing out of the old era. The end of the Spiritual Season (as Christopher calls it). And the old ways will begin to fade away!

Astrological Days to Watch For:

So, this month, we have the New Moon on November 4. This is when we really start our new story of moving into new frequencies but quite a few “cuts” will need to be made along the way. November 12 Pluto helps us with the final cut with what doesn’t align with our HEARTS. November 18, what doesn’t align with our MINDS. And November 29, EGO makes the final cut with the old spiritual story. You will literally know what you NO LONGER WANT. You may not have a clear idea of where you are going at this point, but that is okay and to be expected. You will finally be empowered in your own SELF TRUST.

The full moon lunar eclipse will be on November 19, with Taurus in the North Node of the sign. This means New Earth is taking form and moving away from the old boundary structures. We will be cutting away the old fated timeline. It’s the FINAL CUT. The old timeline will now be completely rejected. So, if you thought we were doomed, think again. We will now be in unchartered territory, but we are going into the NEW TIMELINE!! I couldn’t be more excited. That is what God was waiting for. Source was waiting for you to choose what you DO NOT WANT and step into your own SELF TRUST. Only then can we all move forward.

Last week November / December:

The Sun moving into Sagittarius after November 21 will begin our research into defining our new selves. Thanks to the Earth’s move into Gemini, we will begin to clarify in words who we are now. And while the global situation may seem very messy and undefined, we will be hammering out Who We Are.

Be prepared that we will not fully embody this new spiritual story and vibration, however, until Christmas Eve of 2021, we may find ourselves wobbling back and forth a bit while we actualize what we have been working on. Don’t be hard on yourself, but tread lightly.

The last week of November and into first week of December, Christopher says we will be writing our “new soul biography” and we will not be the same people we were before. I have to admit that I am already feeling like I’ve been several people along the way in this lifetime! And YOU? The whole point of this transit is that once completed, theoretically, we will LOVE OURSELVES and TRUST OURSELVES. And, both are necessary before we can move into a New Earth. For how can we create high vibrational outcomes, except by creating from high vibration? The New Earth has not materialized because we literally must CREATE IT TOGETHER!

Upcoming Short Film – You Are the Plan

That ties in beautifully with a new, short film that I created, produced, and will be releasing this month (at the right time) called “You Are the Plan.” As I was creating this film, I was literally working on all the things mentioned in this article even before I became conscious of it. And this film is the result of that work!

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For a more personal look at the information contained in this article, here is a video that is being released 11-3-21 at 10:00 p.m. EST:

Join my YouTube channel and you’ll be notified about the oracle card readings I’m doing this month during November for each Sun Sign which details the energies of this transit for your specific sun signs. Also please check out Christopher Witecki’s Sirius Joy platform on YouTube to learn more about what he does!

Spiritual mentor and wayshower for the awakening process, Debbie has been teaching and learning during the significant ascension transformation that is taking place on our planet during these times. Offering words of encouragement and guidance, she strives to share higher perspectives that she has personally experienced and/or downloaded to help accelerate people's journey into wholeness. Her greatest mission at this time is helping people rediscover their inner authentic being and spark people's remembrance of why they are here as we are poised to enter a whole New Earth realm where creative expression is our destiny!

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