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Your reality is entirely created based upon the thoughts that you think. When you think, you see. What you see, you create. “Seeing” is most powerful tool in creation, as what you see is what you get. And seeing reinforces the reality into concrete proof for you. That is why faith and imagination play such an important role in creation. You have to see something that is “not there” SO VIVIDLY in order for it to manifest.

Now this does not work well for you when you are seeing and thinking things that are hurtful to you. Or fear based. The fear that you feel is what needs to go. When you feel fearfully, you think fearfully, and therefore you create fearfully. It is not enough to say stop thinking fearfully. Thought comes from feelings you have. You put thoughts to your feelings to explain the feelings. Those are the stories you tell yourself to make yourself feel better. The key is to feel the feelings and stop the unhelpful stories.

Miscreating is creating circumstances based on stories. Anything you create that is based upon stories is miscreating. That is not said in judgment or making it wrong, it is simply not the highest creation even as it is still an experience. It just might not be a pleasant one. So, how do you stop miscreating? The highest creation always comes from a place of love and trust. Knowing that love is the greatest force of energy, you let go of negative feelings (or patterns of imperfection), which are not who you are.

Negative feelings are but templates you incarnated into. Once those feelings and thought patterns are released, then your mind can stay clear of stories. When your mind stays clear of stories, it sees only what is in any given moment through the eyes of love. Love is the only truth. So when something happens in your NOW, and you see it through loving eyes, then you will achieve the highest possible outcomes. That is what true creation is based on.

So the key to your highest creation potential is to release your negative feelings, which are always a form of fear. Everybody has fear. There is no human on the planet that doesn’t carry fear patterns of some kind, so it is nothing to be ashamed of. It is something for you to let go of.

What the negative feeling IS does not matters. If you feel panic at the thought of “losing” a beloved, for example, the feeling of panic is fear, but it is not always coming directly from what you think it is (losing this particular person). The panic may come from a fear of being alone, or of not being good enough, or that you have done something wrong, or that you will be abandoned. There are so many possible reasons for feeling panic (fear). Do not go looking for the story to explain the feeling. To emphasize the story is to confuse where the fear is really stemming from and attach it more firmly in place.

When you seek, you will find. If you are fearful, you will find confirmation to prove your fear is warranted. The answer is to stop seeking the answer. Stop looking for the proof. When you feel any negative feeling, it is fear. STOP. Acknowledge the feeling. Find out if it comes from the want of approval, control, security, oneness or separation. And let it go. If it appears again, it will come back because there is another flavor of feeling to be released. All feelings have an original cause, and as they surface, they are coming up to release that particular pattern. It is of no use to you to try to identify all the ways fears can appear. But have faith that once you let one go, it will not return. Not that particular level of feeling. It is a practice. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. At first it takes great efforts to remember to STOP, acknowledge the feeling, and let it go.

Sometimes, if you are in fear and do not realize it, something will “pop up” in front of you that you are not actively seeking. And you will say, “but I was not seeking THAT, it just came to me and it shows me that what I thought all along was true.” Be aware that is a finer tuning of the seek and you shall find. At this point, you have no idea you are even seeking because you think you’ve let something go. If it shows up, you have not let it go completely. If it shows up, release on whatever feeling shows up for you. That is the reason it is showing up. Not to show you something to justify your fears, but to actually give you an indicator that you have yet to totally release the issue. When the issue is completely release, those unwanted things will no come to you.

Have faith in the answer that the Universe is always looking out for you. It only takes a mustard seed of faith to understand that Source and YOU are always working towards the highest good for you. So no matter what is happening in front of you, it is always for the best. ALWAYS…There is never anything that is not happening in the moment of NOW this is NOT for the highest good of all.

If you all would see this and believe it, you would create your highest potentials. There would be no miscreation. Because when you have faith that everything is working out for you, you will know that everything that happens is designed to bring you exactly what you really want. Not what you think you want, but what you really want. And that means that each time you have fear, it is because you don’t think that things are going to turn out for you. And guess what, if you don’t think things are going to turn out for you, what do you create? Things not working out for you. Therefore when things happen in your moment of NOW, no matter what it is, know it is working out for your Highest Good and it will change how you go through the moment of NOW. You will experience less and less negative emotions.

You are creators by design. Whether you create consciously or not you will still create. So you need to choose the reality you wish you live. Do you wish to live consciously or unconsciously? That is the choice before you. When you create consciously, you realize Who You Are. That is why you came here.

~Source Transmission by Debbie DuBois, with love

Spiritual mentor and wayshower for the awakening process, Debbie has been teaching and learning during the significant ascension transformation that is taking place on our planet during these times. Offering words of encouragement and guidance, she strives to share higher perspectives that she has personally experienced and/or downloaded to help accelerate people's journey into wholeness. Her greatest mission at this time is helping people rediscover their inner authentic being and spark people's remembrance of why they are here as we are poised to enter a whole New Earth realm where creative expression is our destiny!


  1. Thank you so much. This has literally released some tension just from reading this. A sense of calmness envokes me, and I feel very relaxed… and I have a smile from ear to ear.

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